Contract Workflow — Simplified

Manage your day-to-day contracts painlessly with Paperlex

Control your entire contract workflow — from composition through digital signing to filing — on our organized, secure, and easy-to-use platform.

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See the status of all your contracts in their various stages at a glance. (i.e., in negotiation, ready for signature, signed)


Never lose the master. No more e-mailing drafts back and forth, no more e-mail threads to decipher.


Contracts expiring next month? Options exercisable in June? Contracts without automatic renewals? Search data across all your contracts for quick answers.

100% Online

No more faxing or scanning pages back and forth. Revisions and signatures can be handled entirely online.

Easy Access

Need to find an old document or follow up on one you sent? All your legal documents are stored securely, online, for easy access wherever you are in the world.